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Book Launch Party This Saturday!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

My newest book, In the Shadows of The Freeway: Growing Up Brown & Queer, has been released and has arrived in time for the book release party! The Pueblo High School IAMME students who are hosting the event are ready. I am too!

We are gathering in the large auditorium and the program starts at 3 PM. There will be plenty of seats so feel free to invite and bring family, friends and acquaintances to the event. There will be also be lots of free parking.

Paperback books will be available for a special cash price of $15.00 at this launch party only. Of course, credit cards as well as an online purchasing option for the book will also be available but at a slightly higher price.

A few IAMME students will read short sections, and I will give more information about what motivated me to write the book and its publishing process. The main purpose of this event, however, it to celebrate this new publication with friends, family and supporters. I hope you can find time in your busy schedule to join me at Pueblo High School on Saturday afternoon!


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