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Thanks to Those Who Attended the Book Release Party

A week has passed since the In the Shadows of the Freeway book release party on December 7th and it still seems a bit surreal. When Jonathan, the first of the IAMME student stepped up to the podium and said, “I am reading a section titled ‘Pinocchio,’’ his words instantly rang familiar. I had never heard my work read out loud, and I took a seat in a back row to soak it all in. Nathan and the other IAAME students that followed did not disappoint and I am grateful that the group not only hosted the event, but also had participated by selecting sections of the book that resonated with them to share with the audience. I too, had the opportunity to return to my former high school, on my own terms, and offered more details about the book’s production and Tucson history in a presentation on the main auditorium stage. Clearly, that afternoon was quite an emotional and personal homecoming.

A heartfelt thank you to all who made it out to Pueblo High School that afternoon, who have offered positive words of encouragement and who supported my work by purchasing a book.

For those that missed the event, there will be others next year and I promise to keep you posted. If you are interested in purchasing In the Shadows of the Freeway, it is available in Tucson at Petroglyphs in the MSA Annex (next to the Mercado) and at Antigone Books on 411 N. 4th Avenue. You can also get it online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, or you can also purchase it directly from the publisher, Planet Earth Press.

Happy Holidays and thank you for your love and support.


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