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The Pima County Public

Library's LGBTQ+

Services Committee

and Nuestras Raíces  presented

"A Conversation with

Lydia R. Otero"

on Saturday,

October 16, 2021.

To learn more about the

Pima County Library

and the teams

who made this

conversation possible,

click HERE.

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In the Shadows of The Freeway:

Growing Up Brown & Queer

Released Nov. 23, 2019

"A searing memoir of legacy, loss, and love. Infusing historical research with childhood memories, Lydia Otero poignantly reveals the weight of urban development on Mexican communities in postwar Tucson. With rare insight, In the Shadow of the Freeway is a singular contribution to Latina/o history, urban studies, queer theory, and gender studies."

Vicki L Ruiz 

University of California, Irvine

Click here to read reviews and learn more about

In the Shadows of the Freeway.

On Sale for $15.95

(plus $3.00 shipping)

Order now directly from the publisher via PayPal and your book will arrive in 4 to 7 business days. 

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Alva B. Torres

Compiled by Lydia R. Otero

Alva B. Torres continues to

inspire me to this day.

It was her role in historic

preservation that drew my

attention as I began

the research that

culminated in the

publication of my book,

La Calle: Spatial Conflicts

and Urban Renewal in a

Southwest City in 2010.

Before writing her weekly columns

— on which Notitas is based —

Torres had organized the

Society for the Preservation of

Tucson’s Plaza de la Mesilla

or La Placita Committee,

the most formidable

resistance effort to

urban renewal that

targeted Tucson’s oldest

barrios in the late 1960s.

This photo of us was taken in

2016 at an awards ceremony.

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NPR featured the


Select Columns From

The Tucson Citizen 

Book Release Party

held on

September 25, 2021

on Arizona Spotlight.

It is the first story

but the entire

program is pretty interesting.

Click HERE to listen.

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Tucson Festival of Books

"Arizona authors Alberto Álvaro Ríos and Lydia R. Otero will discuss their newest books, both of which explore the power of place and community along the border. How much is lost when families are dislocated altogether? Living where we do, these are things for all of us to think about."

Interested? Watch the session HERE.

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Barrio Stories

Lydia Otero's book La Calle inspired an outdoor, site-specific theatrical event, Barrio Stories, produced by Borderlands Theater in 2016 in Tucson’s downtown area. More than 5,000 people attended the play, which was designed to recover the history of a barrio declared expendable by city leaders who purposely devised an urban renewal program to demolish it in the late 1960s. Impressive and grand, the event ran for four days in a space larger than two football fields. It featured forty-one principal actors, required more than a hundred volunteers, and involved about thirty production specialists in set design, sound, media, and choreography. Click here to lean more about the production.

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Select Articles &

Book Chapters

Authored by Lydia Otero

Works based on archival research and oral history that highlight my Latinx and historical studies scholarship

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Interviews and News Items

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Learn about Lydia Otero's

involvement in 

Historic Preservation. 

Check out their current

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