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Featured in the documentary

Gay and Lesbian
Latinos Unidos   (GLLU)

A personal account...

I am honored to be included

in this documentary.

I have attended a few screenings with

live audiences and will be posting

about events

related to the documentary.

To visit the

documentary website for


Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos

Click HERE.

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My GLLU Story

I joined Gay and Lesbian Latinos Unidos (GLLU) in late 1983. I met Geneva and Laura (also featured in the documentary) at the First National Lesbians of Color Conference that September. They were active in GLLU, spoke highly of the group and I ended up joining. Together, along with Laura, Geneva, Irene and Vicky, we also energized GLLU's Lesbian Task Force which became Lesbinas Unidas. I served as GLLU President for two years between 1988 through the end of 1990. I detail my time in GLLU in my memoir, 

L.A. Interchanges

Business cards 2.jpg

Business cards from 1989

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Interested in learning
more about
Gay & Lesbian
Latinos Unidos
(GLLU) ?
Here's a copy of the
1989 GLLU newsletter



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